Sunday, April 21st, 2019 01:30 pm
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Over on Twitter, [ profile] dyddgu and I have been having fun finding crossovers between the MCU and ... other 'universes'.

It all started when she tweeted that she was watching Captain America: The First Avenger, and realised that one of the girls Bucky took to the exhibition was Clara from Doctor Who. And then we ran with it... )

Who have we missed?

This and That

Friday, April 19th, 2019 04:55 pm
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Well, it was my birthday the other day - thanks to those who wished me a nice day. I went out for dinner with my folks to an Italian restaurant in town, which was nice. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and tomorrow I'm catching up with another friend.

Was shocked when Notre Dame cathedral was burning - not nice news to wake up to the other day.  I admire buildings like that as they were built in a long ago age without things construction firms take for granted today; concrete mixers, cranes, etc. Was relieved that the rose window(s) survived and some things had been removed before the fire.

Hope everyone has a nice Easter holiday with lovely chocolate. :)  Today is one of those nice autumn days, fine and clear with actual warmth if you sit in the sun.

This and That

Monday, April 15th, 2019 04:28 pm
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We had daylight saving last week with the clocks turned back an hour. The mornings are lighter again, but the suddenly darker evenings always take some getting used to. My electric blanket is being used again and so is my scarfs.

So, new Star Wars trailer. Looks interesting! The title 'Rise of Skywalker' has been debated a lot and could refer to: a) The new title of Force users, b) A  new spaceship (Sir, the Skywalker is approaching! Run away!) or c) Angry at being fridged* in 'Attack of the Clones' the ghost of Shmi Skywalker is back for vengeance.

I recently saw and enjoyed the film 'Woman at War' which is (deep breath) an Icelandic eco-thriller comedy. Featuring a middle-aged Katniss Everdeen-type character in sensible jumpers with her bow and arrow. Lovely landscape. Subtitled of course.

*When a female character is killed to further the storyline of a man. I saw this in a book trilogy once, the main character was a woman - no, sorry, she has to go because the trilogy is really about a minor male character who turns up. I didn't read the third book.

Weird Fanfic PMs

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 01:41 pm
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Anyone else get a message from another Fanfic user, with a HUGE list of fandoms and "Do you write any of these?" As my main fandom is Harry Potter (which she would have worked out in 1 second by looking at my story list) I was immediately hesitant. The various fandoms she lists (most of which I haven't heard of - I'm not very up with anime) all have a number in front of them.

The end of the message reads: The # is the amount of ideas I have for each

I'm guessing she's after people to write stories for her based on her ideas. I've suggested she join Yuletide or one of the other exchanges, but of course she'll need to write her own to exchange them.

I looked at her profile, and she had no stories of her own there - just a bundle of favourites.

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